The Texas Re-Entry Advisory Council is hosting the Annual Vision Summit: Exploring the Future of Re-Entry .

Our speakers, workshop presenters and our own network of re-entry specialist will share their ideas, perspectives and experiences on re-entry from the criminal justice system, those that have been in the system and the communities that we live in.

In the past, The 2016 Vision Summit had over 200 participants and it was an overwhelming success! In 2017 this conference was not held due to a change in Travis County which started the event. Attendee’s of previous summit could not let this valuable accent to re-entry disappear.

These attendee’s banded together to begin forming the ever-expanding Texas Re-Entry Advisory Council (TRAC). which sponsors this year’s event under the umbrella of the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Daniel Law and Lieutenant Anthony Hardee are the directing this years event.
The audience will include law enforcement, non-profits, government health and social service providers, faith based organizations, as well as formerly incarcerated and community members interested in assisting those transitioning from correctional facilities back into the community.

This year we are pleased and proud to announce that our Keynote speakers will be Anthony Graves and SaulPaul.

Anthony Graves                                                                                                                                                        Anthony Graves, a man who served 18 ½ years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Mr. Graves formed The Anthony Graves Foundation, a foundation dedicated to bringing meaningful criminal justice reform across the nation. While his interests is national, his focus remains on Texas, due to the sheer numbers imprisoned and with the death penalty being more often prescribed that anywhere in the U.S., the stakes for wrongfully convicted men and women couldn’t be any higher. The Humane Investigation Project (HIP) stands at the forefront of the Anthony Graves Foundation’s fight, with a concerted effort by attorneys and investigators to work through the justice system to free the wrongfully convicted.

SaulPaul                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         After SaulPaul’s incarceration and graduation with honors from the University of Texas He has dedicated his life to making things better. For over a decade SaulPaul has earned an international reputation as a “Musician with a Message” who can entertain and educate any audience. He’s performed 2 TED talks as well as some of the world’s most esteemed music festivals. He has collaborated with artists from around the world and has also been featured on MTV, LA TIMES, ESPN Radio and countless other media outlets.  After being named 2017 Austinite of the Year, SaulPaul began 2018 with his song Rise (Remix) topping the charts and becoming one of the #1 songs on Sirius XM radio. Saul Paul continues to challenge and motivate youth to be the best they can be, as well as those that have been incarcerated.

We are preparing our agenda now and would like to include new and relevant topics for our attendees. If you are interested, please apply as our opening are limited. Come with us on our adventure! Together we can Explore the Future of Reentry!




* Innovative programs or service providers that assist offenders with re-entry, such as, housing, transportation, employment, education
* Providing services to special populations such as Veteran’s, those with medical and behavioral health impairments and the LGBT community.
* Examples of communities cooperating to develop policies and make decisions that promote seamless re-entry for offenders
* Research and evidenced based practices,
* Motivational success stories from ex-offenders, their families and others

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